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Said I loved you...but I lied - Michael Bolton - Lyrics

Ajoutée le 11 nov. 2012 BeeTheLee 172 247 vues Download

You are the candle, love's the flameA fire that burns through wind and rainShine your light on this heart of mineTill the end of timeYou came to me like the dawn through the nightJust shinin' like the sunOut of my dreams and into my lifeYou are the one, you are the oneSaid I loved you but I lied'Cause this is more than love I feel insideSaid I loved you but I was wrong'Cause love could never ever feel so strongSaid I loved you but I liedWith all my soul I've tried in vainHow can mere words my heart explainThis taste of heaven so deep so trueI've found in youSo many reasons in so many waysMy life has just begunNeed you forever, I need you to stayYou are the one, you are the one