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Sans Chara

CHARA, I never forgot you (SANS X CHARA)

VERSION EN ESPAÑOL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hrQkajSMFCo Sans had lost hope, saw useless fight again and ...

4 months ago 10:03 358,968

Stronger than you - Sans and Chara Duet (Undertale parody) [w/ Lyrics]

I don't own the art or the music and bla bla bla. Just enjoy the video. Lyrics at the bottom. Soundcloud: ...

1 year ago 2:51 9,027,701

Chara & Sans and the comic dub moments

I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (http://www.youtube.com/editor) These are the videos I edited to the moments If ...

1 month ago 5:04 129,720

If sans and chara texted (READ DESCRIPTION!)

Please check out Undercards! Its very awesome and I want you guys to check it up! Sign Up here!

7 months ago 2:35 63,843

sans x chara

11 months ago 0:20 227,458

Stronger Than You - Trio (Sans/Chara/Frisk)

Espero que gostem! (~^-^)~ Divirtam-se! ---------------------------//-------------------------------- Créditos: Music trio version: ...

9 months ago 5:08 6,207,585

Chara vs Sans (Undertale animado)

English version: https://youtu.be/g7DlUapA_Q4 Mi cuenta Patreon : https://www.patreon.com/PhantomLink Twitter: ...

1 year ago 0:59 790,395

[ANIMATION] Stronger Than You Undertale Parodies In Order (Sans/Chara/Frisk/Papyrus)

Welp I accidentally Deleted the old discription for this...... Woops if anyone remembers it please tell me xD I just wasnt to add that i ...

7 months ago 11:30 3,623,620

(Chara vs Sans) Stronger Than You Duel Duet | undertale | Animau 2016

Animau 2016 Russia Ufa.

8 months ago 2:59 1,689,347

Sans X Chara (Undertale) - พากย์ไทย [Thai dub]

รายชื่อคนพากย์ Kalina = แซน KaguraAi = คาร่า Miyu = ฟริสค์ ************************************ ขอบคุณเพจ พากย์...

9 months ago 2:10 1,976,586

Chara x Sans - El secuestro(+15) xD|Makicute

Este comic le pertenece a Makicute ay ps que vergueza xd :V eso espero que les haya gustado delen like Voz de chara:Yo :v ...

3 months ago 2:43 103,313

Young Chara Meets Young Sans? (Awesome Undertale Comic Dub)

What if Chara and Sans knew eachother before the beginning of the game? We hope you all enjoy the comic, we know we did!

9 months ago 3:15 198,565

【Undertale】September Ver. Sans & Chara【The Living Tombstone】

I made this a while ago and finally finished the video for it (I was putting off for months). It's fitting I upload it in September though, ...

7 months ago 2:54 595,962

Glitchtale - Flowey, Gaster, & Sans vs Chara pure sound test (Undertale)

The full original version WITH MUSIC here. Camila and I worked on it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bRKnF2lV-5M A small ...

7 months ago 2:28 651,331

Minecraft animation - UNDERTALE I STRONGER than you (personification) SANS vs CHARA

Hope you like this video~ :3 (and find the bugs~) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Make by stack_shadow ...

8 months ago 4:10 2,492,927

Chara vs Sans-Sprite Animation [Undertale][WIP]

Pixel characters in a vector based animation software. Twitter- https://twitter.com/bbpanzu Google+- ...

8 months ago 0:44 852,705

OMG asriel reacts to chara x sans OH HELL NO

support a like ;~;

8 months ago 3:03 238,982

Chara x Sans - Royalty ~Requested By: Flutter W. Shy~

I Own Nothing. Game - Undertale Pictures - Google Music - Royalty - Conor Maynard Facebook: ...

9 months ago 3:29 116,122

FANDUB ESPAÑOL / "El alma"( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) / Undertale / SANS X CHARA

Cómic : http://kyoblackharu.tumblr.com/ Vídeo original: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-7HJGCmLRig ♥ VOCES Y EDICION: ...

1 month ago 2:10 49,925

animaciones Undertale chara x sans x frisk (el secuestro acosador ) ESPAÑOL (+13)

no es mio pero este video tiene tantas copias que nose quien es el creador original CREADORES Y ACTORES HORIGINALES ...

4 months ago 2:30 451,919

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