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Muriel Paragon Build

Paragon - Muriel Deck Build And Guide

This is a video guide on the hero Muriel in Paragon here on the PS4 and PC, In this video we will be going over her Stats, abilities, ...

11 months ago 22:24 17,405

Can I Only Play Muriel? For Forever? | Paragon v39.1 Gameplay

I love Muriel. Deck Builder Link: ...

3 weeks ago 14:40 2,775

Muriel deck build and guide, monolith. Max shield deck

Live tips, tricks, builds and game play for paragon. Find my Facebook page at ...

Streamed 4 months ago 13:37 1,718

Paragon Muriel Build & Guide - OFFLANE

Want to support me? Check out my Patreon – www.patreon.com/rgsace Cards - List on Agora.gg - Take Centurion as Prime Card ...

3 months ago 7:21 17,062

Paragon Muriel Build & Guide - SAVE THEM ALL!

Muriel, the angel of Paragon! Learn how to maximise her kit to support your allies and become the ultimate support in Agora!

8 months ago 10:17 20,532

Paragon Muriel: Build and Guide by Shift AC

Hope you enjoy the vid. Leave a like if it helps you or ... comment something mean :(. Doing this is quite fun so far :D. Example full ...

4 months ago 8:13 1,398

Muriel - Rapid Shields | Hero Build Guide | Paragon v33.1 Gameplay

In this video we take a look at my favourite hero, Muriel. Subscribe: ...

6 months ago 30:28 1,290

Shield Battery - Muriel | Hero Build & Guide | Paragon v36.1 Gameplay

My bae, Muriel... https://agora.gg/deck/88404/shield-battery-by-sylphin Subscribe: ...

3 months ago 39:17 4,475

Muriel Deck Build & Guild :Paragon How To Build Muriel

This video goes over how to build a Muriel deck and a short guide. SHAREfactory™ https://store.playstation.com/#!

6 months ago 10:44 322

[Outdated] Paragon: Top Tier MURIEL Build/Guide | Circlet Savior by RapTRz-

As a Muriel, a Top-Tier support character, I thought it would be best to bring you one of my most successful builds with her, ...

5 months ago 17:50 1,242

Muriel Build & Guide - Shield Battery | Paragon v38.2 Gameplay

This support will shield you for days! Subscribe: ...

1 month ago 33:42 1,607

BEST MURIEL DECK!! NO ONE WILL DIE (Paragon hero deck)

If I have my ultimate none of my teammates will die... Even if I die I will let them live.... (but if one of my teammates is annoying me.

1 month ago 4:52 183

Paragon: Magical Monolith Muriel (The Monolith Strategy)

Strategy. It's there. Can you see it? It's all around you. The cake is a lie! Cats and dogs living together, mass hysteria. If you think ...

5 months ago 10:55 3,489

Paragon | Muriel Power Build, 14-2

Using Muriel I spam power upgrades and clean up on Monolith -- Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/circle_seven.

3 months ago 40:37 218

[Outdated] Paragon: Muriel The Hero (Full Support Build)

Ever wanted to be a Hero? Well with this build you'll do just that! Enjoy!

4 months ago 7:17 4,268


THANK YOU GUYS SOOOOOOO MUCH FOR THE SUPPORT showcasing the paragon community and the awesome people in it.

2 months ago 7:31 4,072

Paragon: v38.3 Muriel Support Build (No Knock Up? No Problem.)

Join Here to Vote for the Next Build:https://www.facebook.com/groups/ParagonMOBAGroup/ Deck Here: ...

1 month ago 9:31 2,088

Paragon - Muriel Deck Build And Guide + Full Match

This is a video guide on the hero Muriel in Paragon here on the PS4 and PC. In this video we will be going over one of my new ...

7 months ago 28:55 11,807

Muriel Deck Build: Monolith map, Paragon

Muriel deck build. This video will show you a viable way to build Muriel for support.

4 months ago 8:24 2,062

[Outdated] Paragon: Offlane Muriel Build and Guide (From a Muriel Main)

Trust me... At least 300 hours with her, give or take... Offlane Muriel is great for flex comp and is pretty damn fun! Here's the Build ...

1 month ago 13:10 937