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Hey guys, I'm back! Sorry it took me so long to post this. I actually made this video a really long time ago, and just never posted it.

7 months ago 27:02 45,384

Muffinmaid Tight Struggles

Another video of Muffinmaid struggling to fit in her favorite pair of jeans. Hope you all enjoy her poundage, more videos are ...

4 months ago 8:20 185,366

Muffinmaid Fat Belly

Another video I have of Muffinmaid! Hope everyone enjoys it! Like, comment, and subcribe!

1 year ago 0:50 59,199

75 Pound Weight Gain in 7 Months! Celebrating Weighing Over 13 Stone - Thank You Vlog!

Hey guys! Thank you so much for all your support and understanding recently. I am still fighting to recover and will keep going ...

6 months ago 9:47 67,457

Muffinmaid Doctor Visit

Another video I found of Muffinmaid! Hope you all enjoy! Like, comment, and subscribe!

1 year ago 10:14 66,406

Green Dress Bloat

Full length Video on my website: https://www.connectpal.com/gainingniki Videos for sale: ...

6 months ago 3:02 53,778

MuffinMaid Food Coma

A short clip of Muffinmaid I found, her stuffed full! Hope you all enjoy, like, comment, and subscribe!

2 years ago 0:33 66,387

Sexy Signature - Fed Right

All rights belong to Sexy Signature.

4 months ago 8:45 45,705

Muffinmaid BBW Belly play

2 years ago 3:52 179,894

Muffinmaid messy cake piggy

full video here - http://bit.ly/muffinmaidcake.

1 month ago 1:26 25,661


I created this video with the YouTube Slideshow Creator (http://www.youtube.com/upload)

2 years ago 1:13 81,309

bbw talk and belly play

Right belong to MuffinMaid.

1 year ago 5:57 395,882

Weigh in November 2016

Full length Video on my website: https://www.connectpal.com/gainingniki Videos for sale: ...

5 months ago 2:53 68,171

Muffinmaid weight gain

Muffinmaid playing with her plump, soft body. NOTE- I do not own the video. Enjoy!

9 months ago 8:32 120,895

Female Rapid Weight Gain

9 months ago 0:48 105,543

BBW fat belly trampoline

bbw #fat #fatbelly #bigbelly# trampoline #Belly.

7 months ago 1:20 95,232

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