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Mtg Tron Deck

Budget Modern Deck - Urza Tron ($90)

Looking for a mtg modern budget deck? Today we unleash the monster that is BUDGET TRON! That's right budget Urza Tron is a ...

4 months ago 9:57 18,848

MTG - Advanced Modern Studies: Red / Green Karn Tron, A Tier 1 Deck Tech for Magic: The Gathering

Modern Angel Pod: http://youtu.be/sq1i2_Eax5I Modern Mono Blue Tron: http://youtu.be/zbbgn3BusMc Modern 8 Rack: ...

2 years ago 9:21 134,608

MTG - $10 Mono Green Tron for Pauper! A Budget Deck For Magic: The Gathering

An Introduction to Pauper: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J7qQXP-Qk9E Mono Green Pauper Tron: ...

1 year ago 8:45 132,645

MTG - Modern GW TRON

Turns out, Tron is still a very viable deck in Modern. Here I try out Tom Ross' GW Tron deck in a Modern MTGO League. Follow me ...

5 months ago 2:00:16 8,112

MTG - Love control? Bring yourself online in Modern, with MONO Blue Urza TRON - Magic: The Gathering

MONO BLUE TRON template deck list: http://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/01-09-14-mono-blue-tron/ MONO WHITE: ...

2 years ago 6:21 250,165

MTG Modern Deck Tech: Eldrazi Tron

Card Bazaar - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vji2ZudKmUk Anthology Series: Antiquities - https://youtu.be/vji2ZudKmUk.

5 months ago 13:20 1,976

Instant Deck Tech: Eldrazi Tron (Modern)

Tron has been around Modern for almost as long as been a format, but it's only just recently a new build of Tron has emerged near ...

3 months ago 6:52 16,968

Budget Magic: Trading Post Tron (Deck Tech)

Seth breaks down this week's Budget Magic deck, Trading Post Tron for Modern! ▻ Read more about this deck (full article): ...

10 months ago 13:26 19,212

Inside The Deck #98: Modern Red/Green Tron Deck Tech

Visit our sponsor CoolStuffInc: http://bit.ly/1B1W5qL Visit our official website: http://www.gatheringmagic.com/ In this episode, we ...

3 years ago 4:09 31,870

MtG Modern Gameplay - Flicker VS R/G Tron

Check out our store here : https://store.forestbear.net Check out our Patreon campaign here: ...

1 year ago 57:17 26,369

Pauper Tron MTG Deck Tech 2016

As some history of what a Tron deck is, the name is short for Urzatron, which obviously comes from the three Urza nonbasic lands.

9 months ago 9:21 2,959

Channel Cheon - Modern BG Tron (Deck Tech & Match 1)

Paul goes deeper to find the best build of Tron, this time dipping into black for Fatal Push! Deck list: ...

2 months ago 20:30 20,475

Pro Tour Fate Reforged Modern Deck Guide: Tron with Brian Braun-Duin

Brian Braun-Duin discusses the Tron archetype in Modern at Pro Tour Fate Reforged.

2 years ago 5:59 17,660

[MTG] Modern Green-White Tron | Match 1 VS Red-White Prison

Shop the best prices on Magic singles at TCGplayer: http://bit.ly/MTGatTCGplayer Seth Manfield is usin' Ugin for wins with his ...

4 months ago 17:29 4,664

MTG - Modern Mono Blue Tron (updated) - Deck Tech Tuesday

Hey guys it's DECK TECH TUESDAY!! This week i'm revisiting a deck of mine that i've updated a bit so i thought i'd share it with ...

6 months ago 10:21 2,296

Channel Mengucci - Modern RG Tron (Match 1)

Tron may be down, but is it out? Andrea takes the deck through a Modern League on Magic Online to find out! For more great ...

7 months ago 31:41 22,448

Channel PMayne - Modern Eldrazi Tron (Deck List & Match 1)

Take Modern's most egregious big-mana lands and combine them with its most egregious big-mana creatures! Deck List: ...

3 months ago 40:35 18,270

Todd Anderson VS Brian Braun-Duin: R/G Tron VS Infect

Todd Anderson and Brian Braun-Duin play R/G Tron against Infect in Modern.

4 years ago 27:35 65,832

Deck Tech - R/G Tron with Todd Anderson

Todd Anderson goes over the Red and Green UrzaTron deck in Modern.

4 years ago 8:01 13,840

Channel Mengucci - Modern RG Tron (Deck Tech)

Tron may be down, but is it out? Andrea takes the deck through a Modern League on Magic Online to find out! For more great ...

7 months ago 3:48 14,037